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Hummingbird Legend

The most calming and wonderful thing to do is sit and watch a tiny

hummingbird swirl, twirl, flutter and eat.  It's amazing that these tiny little creatures are so beautiful, fast, strong and hungry! 

I live in south Louisiana and I try to put out feeders all year long.  A lot of hummingbirds that stay here all summer, migrate south, across the gulf to central and south America.  But during our winter, that is not usually very cold, a lot of the northern varieties migrate and come here! 

A few years ago I started keeping them filled and put outside.  And sure enough some came!  I usually don't get many , but I did get a few hummingbirds, and they were hungry.  I'm guessing they have very few choices to eat during the winter.  And a bonus, I noticed, is that the ones I saw were totally different hummingbirds, than ones I have here during the summer.  Now, of course, on the rare night it it did get cold, I'd take down the feeders and bring them in. To keep them from freezing and breaking. But, if you live in the south, I suggest you might wanna try it too sometime and let me know what you see!!!

It's so interesting to watch these amazing creatures all year long!

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